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Poor, dejected, rejected but enjoying his blessings - William Marrion Branham

The Unity Of One God In The One Church

There is so many people today who says, that, “The Holy Spirit is not real today.”
While tens of thousands of them, and millions, are saying It's not so, there is that many enjoying the blessings of It. Mostly are poor people, people who has been dejected and rejected by the world, people who has been throwed out of churches because that they believed God to be God, but they have been filled with His Spirit. They are one in purpose. They are one in heart. Who are those people? Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Jehovah Witness, Orthodox, Jew, all together, they become one. Not one, to a creed; not one, to a denomination; that's the working of the devil, through intellectual conceptions.
But, the working of the Holy Spirit, the Kingdom of God in you!

Poor, dejected, rejected but enjoying his blessings - William Branham

Daily Bread Luke 17:21
...behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

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