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Live for that man who hates you - William Marrion Branham Quotes

That Day On Calvary

He was just one Man, the perfect Man. He gave His life, and He made an example for you. Now what must we do?
Now, the first thing I want to say, is, Jesus never lived for Himself. His life was spent for others. That's, perfectly, Eternal Life. When you say you go to church, and you do good things, that's fine. But when you live your life to yourself, you haven't Eternal Life. Eternal Life, is living for others. It proved it when It come in the Lamb of God. He lived, and had Eternal Life, because He did not live for Himself. He lived for others. And you receive Eternal Life, by receiving that day, and you don't live for yourself no more. You live for others.
Someone said, "How can you stand, let anybody call you such bad names?" You don't live for yourself. You live for others, that you might redeem that man. You become sons. And the trouble of it is, the church has forgot they were sons. You're a son. You're taking Christ's place. You're a son, so don't live for yourself. Live for others.
"Well, Brother Branham, I can live for this brother, because he sure is a nice man." That's not it.
Live for that man who hates you. Live for that person who would kill you if they could. That's what they done to Him. They killed Him, and He died, that He might save them. That's Eternal Life.

Daily Bread Luke 6:27
But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you,

Live for that man who hates you - William Branham Quotes

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