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If you are a Kin to Jehovah You will do this - William Marrion Branham Quotes

As The Eagle Stirs Her Nest

An eagle won't build his nest on the ground. The eagle builds his nest way as high as he can get in the highest peak.
That's the reason God likened him to His church. You are a candle that sets on a hill. That's right. High ambitions, high anticipations, we're expecting great things. We're not… Say, "Well, I'm Pentecostal. That settles it." That don't for me. I'm expecting greater things.
"I'm Baptist. I'm Methodist. I'm Oneness, Twoness, Threeness," or whatever you are. That don't satisfy me. I got the ambition to move on till I meet Him: up-up, up-up-up.
"I received the Holy Ghost. That settles it." It didn't with me. I'm just still taking it, and moving higher and higher (That's right.), just moving on way high: high ambitions, high expectations, ambitions.
Not, "Well, we got a pretty nice little church. We'll just settle down. Me and this little crowd, we don't want none of the rest of you in our group." Not me. I want to reach out a hand to every fallen creed, brother, whatever it is; bring him in. Ambitions, do something. Expectations for a man that had ever walked in truth to see truth… You'll never get him in there that way by downing him. You've got to put your arm around him, and love him, and let him know that you're a brother. Then something will happen. If you're a kin to Jehovah you will do that. You got His Spirit. And He come to ones that hated Him, despised Him, and spit in His face. He still prayed they'd be saved. Certainly. That's the Spirit of God in a man.

Daily Bread Matthew 5:14
Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.

If you are a Kin to Jehovah You will do this

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