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The devil knows how to get his program in - William Marrion Branham

Has The Lord Spoken Only To Moses

The devil knows how to get his program in. He taught all you holiness people, "Well, you shouldn't go to picture shows." You taught your children out here not long ago, but the devil put one over on you. He just brought the picture show in your house. That's right. That's right. Said, "Oh, that's all right." See he has… You know they used to say that the devil went out of fashion, but he didn't go out of business. That's right. He's still in business, and he's just so much shrewder now than he used to be; in the ways that people get shrewd he does too; and he just slips it right in. See? Brother, I tell you if you ever slip for cover, you do it now, and that's right. You get under the Blood of Jesus Christ. It's a disgrace how that all such things as we have and our world in its condition today is eighty percent of it come right out of Hollywood, and yet that's the example of the world. That's where the pace is set for all the modern world, is out of Hollywood.

The devil knows how to get his program in - William Marrion Branham

Daily Bread Matthew 6:24
Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

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