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He wouldn't defile himself with the world - William Marrion Branham


Daniel purposed in his heart that he wouldn't defile himself with the world. He was going to keep the tradition that God had laid down, the commandments of God. Why can't you women and men do the same thing? But Marilyn Monroe or somebody bobbed off their hair, and then some preacher's wife did the same thing, and you think you got a right to do it. That don't excuse you from the Word of God. And you preachers let your wife lead you around. What a shame! What a—what a—what a word, of being a man. “A servant of Christ can't control his own house, how is he going to control the house of God?” “Well,” you say, “Brother Branham, that, that's just the minor things.” All right. Let's get the minor things straightened out, then we go to something bigger. See? Then we'll talk about the Holy Ghost, and the—and the things of how to receive Divine gifts.

He wouldn't defile himself with the world - William Marrion Branham

Daily Bread Leviticus 20:7
Sanctify yourselves therefore, and be ye holy:

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