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Here you are, son. Anything you need, go get it - William Marrion Branham

God's Way That's Been Made For Us

Everything He's got in His Kingdom belongs to us. He just takes the whole big Book full of checks, and signs His Name on the bottom, say, "Here you are, son. Anything you need, go get it." Amen. Don't be afraid to fill it out. Fill it out and hand it in, say, "Thank You, Lord." Hallelujah! It'll come to pass. "Whatsoever things you desire," Mark 11:24, "when you pray, believe you'll receive it, you shall have it." Sign out the check, say, "Lord, I need healing." Tear it off, say, "There You are, Lord, I ask in Jesus' Name for healing." Say, "Thank You, Lord," and walk right on, believe for the healing. And it comes right back, like them crows sending down that food to Elijah. There it is.

Here you are, son. Anything you need, go get it - William Branham

Daily Bread Matthew 19:26
With God all things are possible.

- Also listen to the Daily Bread of Today in AUDIO. God bless you!

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