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God can do great things with us - William Marrion Branham

God’s Wrapped Gift

Why God picked on little Bethlehem, and then did not choose these greater cities? And they had greater names, and more of a spiritual background. But, you know, God has a way of doing things, just His Own way about things. I’m so glad He does. See? Sometimes He takes things that doesn’t have a spiritual background, or doesn’t have any background at all. And that’s why He is God; He can take something that’s nothing, and make something out of it. And, that, that’s what makes Him God. That’s what makes us love Him. That’s what makes us poor people appreciate Him, because that even though we, poor, with no background, yet God can do great things with us if He ever gets us under His control.

God can do great things with us - William Branham

Daily Bread II Corinthians 3:5
Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God;

- Also listen to the Daily Bread of Today in AUDIO. God bless you!

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