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God doesn't deserve the second place - William Marrion Branham

Hebrews Chapter Two #2

That stern, old prophet, looked that woman in the face. He said, “Go, bake me a cake first.” What a command, for a man to tell a widow woman, starving to death, to feed him first. What did he say? “For THUS SAITH THE LORD, the barrel will never go empty, nor the cruse dry, until God sends rain on the earth.” First, God. She went in and baked that little cake, and come give it to the prophet. Went right back and baked another one, and another one, and another, and another. And the barrel never went empty, or the cruse dry, until God sent rain on the earth. She put God before her children. She put God before anything else. She taken the Kingdom of God, first. God must have first place in your heart, first place in your life, first place in everything that you do or what you are. God must be first. He doesn't want the second place. He doesn't deserve the second place. He deserves the best, and the first, and all that we've got. He deserves it. Blessed be His holy Name!

God doesn't deserve the second place - William Branham

Daily Bread Luke 10:27
...thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind...

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