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They had Powers the world knowed nothing about - William Marrion Branham

The Uncertain Sound

When the pentecostal people went up into a Pentecost they were just men when they went up there. But all of a sudden, while they were up there, they were scared. They had the windows closed, the doors closed. They were afraid of persecution. They were good church members, up to the time. They had been baptized in water, up to the time. But they didn't have that hidden Power. They didn't have that certainty.
One of them said, “If Thou be…Let me put my hands in Thy side. Let me put my fingers in the prints of the nails, in Your hand.”
Another one said to the women, “Oh, it's foolish! You didn't see nothing.”
But when they climbed them steps and went upstairs, all of a sudden there came a sound from Heaven, and the hidden Power come down. It come into them. Afterwards they were out in the street,…-joicing—rejoicing and praising God, preaching the Gospel, glorifying God. They had hidden Powers. They had Powers the world knowed nothing about.

They had Powers the world knowed nothing about - William Branham

Daily Bread I Corinthians 4:20
For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.

 - Also listen to the Daily Bread of Today in AUDIO. God bless you!

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