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A new body that will never fade and fall away - William Marrion Branham

An Ensign

Life is like a leaf hanging on a tree. After while the life leaves the leaf, and goes back to its roots. The leaf drops off. That life is buried in the roots till the winter has passed. In springtime it brings back another life, another leaf.
That's the way of a Christian that's on the Tree of Life. This old hull here might drop off. That is true. But the life goes back to the God Who gave it. See? If God give you your life, you're born again, there's only one life that can ever live, and that's God's Life in you. And if that life is in you, then it will only go to where it come from, back to God, to come back in that great Millennium, with a new leaf, or new life, or new—or new body that will never fade and fall away.
Our seasons denote that God is with us, that God is here.

A new body that will never fade and fall away - William Branham

Daily Bread John 11:26
And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

 - Also listen to the Daily Bread of Today in AUDIO. God bless you!

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