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A little protoplasma stimulation - William Marrion Branham

The Seal Of The Antichrist

You go out here, and you will get the spirit of a church. You—first thing you know, you go into a church, you notice the pastor. I’m saying this with reverence. You watch the way the pastor acts, you’ll find the people act the same way, just about. If the pastor’s all prissy and everything, you’ll find his congregation the same way. If the pastor carries on with a lot of nonsense, you find the congregation the same way.
If the pastor’s a good, solid, Gospel teacher, that’ll hold his children down, and give them a little protoplasma stimulation when they need it (That’s right.), lay the Gospel down and spank them right good with it, you’ll find a good obedient church (That’s right.), where people can come and enjoy themselves in the Gospel. If he’s a good preacher, that’ll stay on the Word, and stay in the Word, and say it that way, and see that his church is operated, truly, by the Holy Spirit, not get off in these isms. As soon as they start something, he will snap it out like that. That’s what we need today, is some more preachers like that. Amen.

A little protoplasma stimulation - William Branham

Daily Bread I Corinthians 9:14
Even so hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel.

 - Also listen to the Daily Bread of Today in AUDIO. God bless you!

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