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Sickness and sin - William Marrion Branham

El Shaddai

What is sickness? Sickness is an attribute of sin. Before we had any sickness, we had no sin. Sin come as a result of sickness, maybe, not your sin, but the sin of your parents. Just like it was give down to you when your were born, and so forth.
Now, you don't have to just… If a great dragon or a—or an animal like a lion, had his paw hooked in my side, that was a tumor or a cancer, and trying to kill me. There's no need of just trying to cut his foot off for Divine healing. If you just knocked him in the head, it kills the whole thing.
And when Jesus died for sins, He died for every attribute that sin ever produced. See? So when sin was finished, it was all finished, the complete plan of redemption. So we are… If you just knock him in the head with the sin question, kill sin you kill every attribute of it. See?
What is sin? Unbelief. So when you kill all unbelief, why, you know that God's Word's right, that He's the same yesterday, and forever, so all the promises are yours. Walk through the land, it's all yours. It belongs to you. Just enjoy it; it's yours. God gave it to you.

Sickness and sin - William Branham

Daily Bread II Corinthians 6:10 having nothing, and yet possessing all things.

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