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I don't care how ridiculous It seems, believe It, anyhow - William Marrion Branham

Palmerworm Locust Cankerworm Caterpillar

And if God is infinite, infinite, and cannot change, His Church must remain as It was at the beginning. Do you admit that? The Church must ever remain the same as It was.
But man has tinkered with It, put their own interpretations in It. Don't you never try to interpret the Word of God. Say just what It says. Don't care how It is, so just line up with It, that's all. Don't change the Word. The Bible said, that, “The Scripture is not any private interpretation.” We have no right to say these things; we just got to read It and say just exactly like It says, and believe It the same way. I don't care how ridiculous It seems; believe It, anyhow.

I don't care how ridiculous It seems, believe It, anyhow - William Branham

Daily Bread Jeremiah 42:6
Whether it be good, or whether it be evil, we will obey the voice of the LORD our God.

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