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Who is God's chosen one - William Marrion Branham

The Fourth Seal

God always deals with one individual. Two men has got two ideas. There never was two major prophets on the earth, prophesying the same time. Look back and see if there was. No, sir. Too much scrupled up! He’s got to get one man completely surrendered, and use that person. He searches for that person.
But there will be one, sometime, somebody who will listen to Him, Word by Word. I don’t care what anybody else says, they’ll never move from It. That’s right. They’ll wait on THUS SAITH THE LORD. And, then, they won’t move until then. He’ll be properly a vindicated. You’ll…
Now, the outside world will hate it, but the elected Seed, the predestinated Seed, like there was in the days of Jesus, when that Light flashes, that Seed will come to Life like that. They’ll know It. They’ll understand It. You won’t have to say a word about It.

Who is God's chosen one - William Branham

Daily Bread Matthew 10:41
He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward.

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