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The most powerful force in the world - William Marrion Branham

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The most powerful force in the world isn't speaking with tongues, or interpreting tongues, or being honored by God to be a minister, or to be a evangelist, or to be a prophet; the most powerful weapon that I've ever found in my life, is love. It'll... The phileo love, which the Greek word comes from friendship, like you have for your wife. There's a difference. It'll make a mother for that baby, run through a blazing fire. Her life means nothing. That's phileo. What will agapao do (See?), the godly love.
We must love, divinely love one another. Then you don't see your brother's mistake. If he does make a mistake, you never, you look over the top of it, and you love him anyhow. See? That's it. Love those that love you. Then does not the sinner the same thing? But love those who doesn't love you. That's what shows the Spirit of God is in you, 'cause He loved you when you were His enemy. And He loved you. And that Spirit's in you, it'll make you love your enemy, as you do your friend.

The most powerful force in the world - William Branham

Daily Bread Galations 5:13
By love serve one another.

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