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The children of disobedience and their rebellion - William Marrion Branham

The God Of This Evil Age

Disobedience means “rebellion.” I looked that up in the dictionary, to be sure. Rebellion, rebelling against (what?) the revealed Word of God. Like Cain revealed…rebelled against Abel's revealed revelation, vindicated of God that it was righteous. And Cain rebelled against it, and slew his brother.
The Pharisees, with their own denominational knowledge of what the Word of God was, selected hand-picked man, rebelled against the vindicated Word of God made manifest for the day, Jesus Christ, and killed Him. That right?
That's what “the children of disobedience” is, a rebellion against the Word of God.
Now see where they are? “Oh, days of miracles is past. Jesus Christ is not the same yet. There is no such a thing as the baptism of the Holy Ghost. All that stuff is nonsense!” See, rebellion! They don't have to say two things; just have to say one, that's all. That's rebellion, right there.

The children of disobedience and their rebellion - William Branham

Daily Bread Joshua 22:29
God forbid that we should rebel against the LORD...

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