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There Is only one thing left Divine judgment - William Marrion Branham


Now, Noah had a revelation from God, yet it was contrary to anything that science would prove to be true. But yet he had spoke to God, and God had spoke to him. And he went about preparing an ark. Where, the scoffers and mockers, as the Bible said that they would be in the last days like they was in them days, that those scoffers scoffed at Noah. Why, they thought that he was out of his head because he was building an ark. So, but God brought judgment upon them scoffers, because they would not listen to the messenger of God and come into that ark under his preaching, then God sent His Divine judgments on the earth. First He made a preparation for all who would receive it, to escape it, and then if they did not escape it, there's only one thing left. If they won't take God's preparation of escape, then there's only one thing left, that's Divine judgment.
You can only do two things, it lays either mercy or judgment. You have to accept one or the other.

There Is only one thing left Divine judgment - William Branham

Daily Bread James 5:9
Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest ye be condemned: behold, the judge standeth before the door.

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