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God Hath A Provided Way

Oh, how lovely! You know, maybe we're all God's bottle babies, maybe we'd say. And God had just provided two bottles, the New and Old Testament, and He just dropped vitamins all in them. And while we get a hold of Him, go to nursing, we're not only satisfied, but we're being healed, all the same time. We got spiritual vitamins. It just keeps building us up, making us stronger, stronger. It's good. It's got calcium for the bones. Yeah. It's got vitamin B complex for the nerves. Oh, it's got everything in it. God's whole medicine cabinet was dropped into it. It was all in a bottle, put in a bottle, and He opened it at Calvary.
So, through Calvary, we can nourish back any redeemed blessings that Jesus died for.

Daily Bread Psalm 28:8
The LORD is their strength, and he is the saving strength of his anointed.

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