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My old ragged coat - William Marrion Branham Quotes

I Perceive That Thou Art A Prophet

And I was ashamed of that old coat. And when I'd go to meet preachers, I'd hold my right arm down over this coat like this and reach over with my left hand, shake hands with them. I'd say, "Excuse the left hand; it's closer to my heart." And I--I'd shake hands with them. The thing of it was, I didn't want them to see that old ragged coat.
But that bunch of what... Arkansas people, who'd stood there and saw the Angel of God moving amongst the people, they were trying to touch that old ragged coat. And as many was touching, was getting healed, not because it was a ragged coat, because they believed that God was in their midst.
Let me say this tonight: I may not have that old ragged coat on, but the same God was there that night, is here tonight to do the same thing. He's the same yesterday, today and forever. The only way you'll ever be able to draw dividends from anything God's, got to have faith in it, to approach it right, to believe it. That's the reason they were getting healed, because they were coming in the right mental attitude, believing that the truth was there, and if they could get near it, they'd be healed. And God was confirming His Word with them.

My old ragged coat - William Branham Quotes

Daily Bread Luke 17:19
And he said unto him, Arise, go thy way: thy faith hath made thee whole.

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