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Get out of that leaky boat - William Marrion Branham Quotes

Let Your Light So Shine Before Men

But it’s like if you had an old car and you was going up a mountain, and I knowed when you started down the other side you had no brakes. I wouldn’t be against the man, I’m screaming against him, it’s not him, it’s the car that he’s in; he’s going to get hurt.
And that’s about the organizations. I think the people that holds onto those organizations, as if it was God Himself, and they leave off the Word of God, just to hold the organization. Well, when they do that, I’m afraid they’re going to make a vital mistake. And it’s not I got anything against the individual man, but it’s the boat that he’s riding in, see, I’m sure won’t make it. The organization will never make it, but Christ will. So just step out of the—out of the leaky boat of organizationism, into the safe Ship of Zion, the old Ship that’s never failed yet to land in time, Christ.

Get out of that leaky boat - William Branham Quotes

Daily Bread Jeremiah 35:17
I have spoken unto them, but they have not heard; and I have called unto them, but they have not answered.

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