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He had to obey it word by word - William Marrion Branham Quotes


Watch. He had to obey it, word by word. “Take off your shoes, Moses. The ground whereon you stand is holy.”
What if Moses said, “Well, now, Lord, I just had some schooling. Honor is ‘take off your hat,’ so I'll take off my hat”? That would never worked.
When God said, “Shoes,” He meant shoes.
When God said, “Born again,” He meant born again. He don't mean a handshake or a repeat of creed. Everybody is scared of that new Birth.
The devil substituted a handshake for It, or some kind of a psychic affair, that would make you acknowledge, “Yes, I'm born again.” But your life tells what you are, the life that's in you.
You say you are born of the Spirit of God, and deny one Word of that Bible, it shows you're not. You try to place It back on something else, that shows it wasn't the Holy Spirit, ’cause He would never deny His Own Word. You say, “Well, my church teaches that.” There, it shows you're not. You're born of the church, not of God. This is God, His Word.

Daily Bread John 15:10
If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love...

He had to obey it word by word - William Branham Quotes

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