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God takes care of all things - William Marrion Branham Quotes

Divine Healing

Now, see, there's no need of fighting. God takes care of all things, you see. Don't do it. Just love. Return good for evil, all the time. Is that right? When anybody speaks good about you; well, be thankful. If anybody speaks bad about you; bless them anyhow. Sure. That's right. Let…God takes care of the rest. He's the One. Isn't that right? He is the One. So, after all, we all got to answer to Him.
And no matter what it is, if your arch-enemy…If you got any feeling at all, and the worst enemy you got, that you know was going to go to a place like hell, it'd make you feel bad.
I don't know of a person, I don't…can't think of the lowest person in the world, today, that it was Stalin up there, whoever it was, I would hate to know that man was suffering in the torments of hell this morning. I'd hate to know it. I sure would. I pray God have mercy upon his lost soul, as he died, see, that God won't let him suffer like that,…?…Think of a human in the torment of hell, that the Bible pictures here to the unbeliever.

Daily Bread Luke 6:27
But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you,

God takes care of all things - William Branham Quotes

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