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Nothing can defeat the purpose of God - William Marrion Branham Quotes

I Know My Redeemer Liveth

When I know, today, being my birthday, and I'm getting to be an old man. I look at myself in the glass and I see that that little boy, that built this tabernacle, is not that little boy anymore. He's becoming an aged man, stooping shoulders, a beard turning gray, the hair going out, but nothing can defeat the purpose of God. Nothing can! Therefore I rest assured upon the promise, “Because I live, ye shall live also.” I join with Job of old, “I know my redeemer liveth, and at the last day He'll stand on the earth.” It's a purpose that God has. I must serve this purpose. My whole life must be brought into His purpose, and to His program. Each of us is that way.

Daily Bread Zechariah 2:11
...and thou shalt know that the LORD of hosts hath sent me unto thee.

Nothing can defeat the purpose of God - William Branham Quotes

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