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the Word of God in the hearts of the people - William Marrion Branham Quotes

Satan's Eden

Then, if Eve lusted for knowledge, it was sin.
And when we lust for knowledge, want a Ph.D., LL.D., it's sin to do so. That's strong statements, but that's the Truth. No matter how strong it is, it's still the Truth, see. To lust for knowledge, understanding!
The thing of it is, is, today we don't try to establish the Word of God in the people's hearts. We are trying to establish ourselves. Churches are trying to establish the doctrine of the church, in a person's heart.
We are commanded to establish the Word of God. Paul said, "I didn't come to you with enticing words of man, that your faith might rest up in the knowledge of man; but I come to you in power; in manifestations of the Holy Ghost, that your faith might rest in God." There you are.

Daily Bread Isaiah 40:21
Have ye not known? have ye not heard? hath it not been told you from the beginning? have ye not understood from the foundations of the earth?

the Word of God in the hearts of the people - William Branham Quotes

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