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Your name do not make what you are It is your character - William Marrion Branham Quotes

Painted Face Jezebel

Your name don't make what you are. It's your character that makes you. Your character molds you and makes you what you are.
I've always said, "Let me go into a man's house." And let him stand out on the street and testify, sing, shout, speak with tongues, dance in the Spirit, anything he wants to do; let me go into his house and look at these old pin-up girls all around the wall… Let me look at these magazines that he's reading here on his desk, and listen at him turn the radio on to some of that African nonsense of rock-and-roll and boogie-woogie, I can tell you right now what kind of a spirit he's got. See what it feeds on? I don't care how much he carries on out there on the street, here's what he's really feeding on. That's his diet. That's right.
Let me… How much… No matter how well he claims, and how good society, and what his standing, and what his social status is, that doesn't make a bit of difference. Watch what his spirit feeds on, what music he listens to, what he reads, what he looks at. You can tell what he's made out of then. And his character will always tell.

Daily Bread Matthew 7:20
Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

Your name do not make what you are It is your character

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