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This is the job of preachers - William Marrion Branham Quotes

As The Eagle Stirs Her Nest

Like a man went forth… He said, "The Kingdom of God… throwed a net into the sea. And when he draw it out, he had terrapins, crawfish, lizards, and everything else." Pulled them out on the bank. That's the preacher's job. We don't know which is which. Some of them's fish; some of them's lizards; some of them's snakes; some of them's crawfish. Watch the old crawfish when he's there. Somebody say, "Glory, hallelujah. Praise the Lord." Say, "Hump, hump, hump, hump, hump, hump. I can't believe that," right back to the water he goes.
The old snake just sticks his head up, say, "I thought I was in church, but it's holy-rollers." And here he goes. What was he? A snake to begin with, a crawfish to begin with. An old lady spider, plunkety plunk, right back to the mud hole again, right back out, with shorts on, cutting her hair. Yeah, but… "As a hog goes to its wallow, and a dog to its vomit," there you are. Don't get mad; just set still.

Daily Bread Proverbs 26:11
As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly

This is the job of preachers

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